Monday, January 28, 2002

Happy Hosting

I now am hosting at Thus, I have a greater limit than the 10 meg that I had at my mediaone default account. And, for $5 a month, I figured it wouldn't break the bank.

It should have been an easy task, but it took forever to get everything looking properly at the new site. Hurts my head. At least all is well, for now.

This site is now the default page. To get to the Silly Monkeys, use the link on the left.

Saturday, January 26, 2002

The Return of the Monkey

Well, it has been a long time, but I am back at it. Although it is likely that I will be the only one to visit this site frequently, I am planning on actually making it true to its name. Namely, I am going to add monkeys here. Errr...or update it daily. I can't rememeber what I thought initially.

Adventures in Cyberspace, old school style

The other day, I found a link at one of my favorite sites to another site that has a bunch of interesting links. had a link to a site that has a game based on the light cycles from the movie Tron.Long story short: this game rocks! It is true to the movie and is fun to play.

I remember desperately wanting to play the light cycle game from the movie as a child. It was too bad that it didn't really exist as it did in the movie. Now, with the addons, it is really like you are part of the movie. Without the addons, the game is pretty easy against the computer. I'd be interested in joining up with some of my buddies and playing this together online. Check it out for yourself.

Damn Silly

Kendra has suggested that she is tired of the "new" title of the Silly Monkeys. Let's have a poll....

If you choose "Other" post your suggestion after voting on the voting page.

Deals at Sams

Kendra and I went to Sams the other day. They have great deals, but a lot of their items are stuff that you would not normally get, as flavors are limited. For example, we got a good deal on some popcorn, but we're not sure we really want to eat it....

Things to come

Neato things will be happening soon. I must resist speaking of it now; I don't want to ruin the surprise.