Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Resolutions and Such

Looking back at last year's resolutions, I realize that they were a bit too ambitious and I didn't even follow my own resolution rules. At any rate, let's revisit my previous resolutions and evaluate them, shall we?
  1. Read 26 books this year - While I did read more this year than previously, including several good novels such as Greg Bear's Moving Mars and Asimov's Foundation trilogy, the expectation that I would be able to go from nearly zero to a book every two weeks was, perhaps, unrealistic. Although, I did accomplish my resolution from two years ago.
  2. Maintain and follow an elaborate To Do list - This wasn't very quantitative. I used a To Do list and a day planner for a good part of the year; did I succeed then?
  3. Fiscal Responsibility -Not very specific or quantitative. In fact, it was so open-ended that I barely did anything with this.
  4. Donate blood as often as possible to the Red Cross -Come on! What part of "specific" and "quantitative" don't you get, Andy? I didn't give blood at all last year, but it could still be considered "as often as possible," couldn't it?
  5. Attitude adjustment -Not quantitative, specific or definitive. More like a half-thought out wish.
So, it is clear that the problem wasn't with my execution, but instead with the actual resolutions themselves. I'll try again this year and will update in a future post.

Time and Time Again

I haven't taken the time to bother writing here for quite awhile. While I really only do it as a type of public journal without any monetary benefit, there is a definite feeling that I should be posting more frequently. Certainly, the creation process is rewarding. Additionally, it is always interesting to me to hear about who has been reading this. And, I occasionally read through the archives, which stirs memories that I had not recalled for a long while. So, once again, I decide that I will post on a more frequent basis. :)