Friday, May 17, 2002


Grade: A

Movie Time: 8:00pm on Thursday, May 16, 2002

Location: AMC Forum 30

Viewed with: David and Jennifer Stampor

There have been a multitude of superhero movies; some are good, some are bad. With a majority of them, the story differs in varying degrees from the original comic. Often this can ruin part of the enjoyment of seeing a favorite hero on the screen. I can happily state that this was not the case with Spider-Man. Although some things have changed, I consider them to be improvements on the original and really aren't essential details of the story.

This was a good superhero action movie. The special effects were decent, even though there were a couple of scenes that did not look quite right (i.e. the inital rooftop scenes.) The story flowed and kept up with the times (i.e. Spider-Man's origin) while still remaining true to the original comic's tale.

Another positive was the darker, more mature theme of the movie, "with great power comes great responsibility." Instead of ruining the movie by making it showy and stupid for kids (like a few certain movies involving a caped crusader,) it focused on the dilemas that a person with such powers would likely face. Additionally, everything doesn't fall into place like one would expect of a sappy movie.

My Review: Grade A :Go see it in the theatre; definately worth the time.