Wednesday, February 05, 2003

The Next Entry

It was always fairly easy to find time to update at a somewhat regular interval when I was unemployed; as I was busy doing nothing most of the day, I could easily schedule a little of something here and there. Now, as I am at work again during the day, the updates are limited to when I can find time at work, or when I can inspire myself (or remember) to update at my apartment. Several months have passed since the last update; amazing how quickly time can move.

Because of the time that has elapsed between posts, I will bullet several key happenings in my life:

  • I took a trip to Mercury Marine in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin for work.
  • We had a water softener from RainSoft installed in the house.
  • My sister received a dog as a Christmas present.
  • I have advanced to the rank of Orange belt in Karate.
  • For Christmas, I received both a Gamecube and an XBox.
  • Met with guy from Wallside Windows and scheduled an appointment to have our windows replaced.
  • Both Kendra and I bought Treo 300s (didn't pay price listed at site!!!) from Handspring. Old PCS phone available for sale.
  • Dryer broke. Maytag repairman was excited to actually have something to do. (actually Best Buy repairman)
  • Ordered pizza online from Dominos. Very neat.

There. Now I should be all good for another couple of months. ;)