Wednesday, October 01, 2008

100 Drop

Boy, it was easy to fall off the 100 Push Ups wagon.  I stalled about week four and never got back into the swing of it.  My interest just never recovered and I'm not sure if that is necessarily a bad thing; push ups are good, but they are a very specific way to exercise and there are probably better, more inclusive ways to work out.

Something that has gotten my attention lately has been Crossfit.  The ideology there is to focus on increasing Power output by working not just focusing on strength.  They post a daily workout that looks like it is rarely the same, which is good because my major hangup about working out is that I get bored and it feels like work too often.  I think that I will try to get some of the minimal equipment I am missing to effectively do this.

I suspect that doing the daily exercise on a regular basis will help me achieve the 100 push up mark indirectly.