Tuesday, July 03, 2001

Pentathlon Insanity

This past weekend, I also took part in the tail end of insanity. My brother and his friends decided to have a "pentathlon" where they would play an hour and a half each of five sports over the course of a day. Early morning, they started with volleyball, followed by basketball and baseball. I didn't join in until it was time for soccer. After running around with these people, I was glad that I was unable to join them sooner; soccer was enough to tire me to the point of dropping from exhaustion. It was fun, of course, but required much more exertion than normal (since I really almost never play sports.) Thankfully the fifth event was Whirlyball and didn't require much effort. Mucho fun. Anyways, five sports is a bit much and I am amazed by those who were there the whole day. Crazy.

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