Thursday, June 01, 2006

Obsession as a Good Thing

I find myself spending a great deal of time on things in which those around me cannot see the value. An example of one of these "time-wasting" behaviors would be my devotion to video games. When I start playing a game, I will often play the game non-stop, using all my free time until I complete the story or burn out on the experience. I think this compulsion, this obsession, is a part of me in other areas of my life as well, and it can be used toward my benefit.

If I can convince myself that I am interested in something, I can, occasionally, develop the same sort of obsession with that behavior as I would with one of my games. My latest example of this would be my interest in selling my car. I've meant to sell it for a while now, but the compulsion to do so was lacking. Now that I have convinced myself that I am interested in doing this, I have been spending my time thinking about and acting toward the completion of this goal. I need to get some maintenance done, so yesterday I located several different mechanics that I would call the next day. Today, I called the mechanics and set up an appointment. Since there is the potential that the mechanic (the dealer, actually) might be interested in the purchase of the car, I spent the evening emptying the junk out of the car and thoroughly vacuuming and polishing it. Tomorrow, I intend to call the dealer again and address some other concerns involving my car.

The trick is to complete the task (complete the story) before I burn out on the experience.

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