Saturday, August 02, 2008

100 Pushups, Week Four

I had been pretty diligent about doing my push-ups every other day, up to about week four. I had started on Monday, but missed Wednesday and then it was suddenly Friday, so I decided to restart week four the following Monday. I had trouble getting to it again that week, so I finally have found the discipline to do week four. I did have a tiny bit of trouble at the very end, only getting a max of 25 on the final set of day three, but I think I am close enough to push through and begin week five.

I have to do my exhaustion test still. I am going to stop writing for a moment to crank out my push-ups to see where I am. I got to 40, so it looks like I have dropped to the mid-difficulty range. I am not surprised, since I had been negligent about keeping with the workout program. I think I will do fine as long as I keep with it.

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