Wednesday, June 20, 2001

This is kinda amusing.

After picking my honey up from the airport and arriving at home, we discovered a package sitting on the front porch. After unloading the car, we brought in the package. What is this package? What mysteries does it hold, do you ask? Well, it was a blender. Actually, it is a pretty nice blender. But, neither of us had ordered one.

Upon closer inspection, we found a letter enclosed in a plastic envelope on the side of the box. Wait, what did that say? Take another look. That's right. I won the blender. I won the blender for my recipe for mudslides.

Now, since I really am not much of a drinker, and certainly not enough of one to have developed an award winning recipe for a mudslide, I think this is quite funny.

There was a contest on the E! website that I entered a while back. As I recall, the contest was a random drawing, but a recipe needed to be included. So, I just listed the basic ingredients in vague amounts. Tee hee. I wonder if my chances increased due to people not thinking they had a good recipe for a mudslide. :-D

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