Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Red Wings rock. :-D

Tonight I added the Shakespearean Insult generater and added it to automatically display when the page is reloaded. Give it a try.

I know that this has been done before and if you do a search of the web you can find a bunch of such insulting scripts. However, back in the day when I had the "Domain of the Andyman" hosted at umich, I had received the Shakespeare insult email and immediately decided it would be a good perl script. So, although it really isn't original, I was one of the original implementors of such a script, so it is kinda original. Hmm... At any rate, it was very easy to write in PHP. In fact, some of the built in functions of PHP make me wonder if it was designed with the thought of creating such a script.

Some other things I have been working on is a third template option. This one displays my two blogs side by side in the old school format. I have some addtional tinkering I need to do, but I should get that up tomorrow.

I also have been fooling around with writing a counter script. The way it should work isn't too complicated, and it was very easy to write. The difficulty I am facing is that the script does not have the necessary rights to create or edit a file. There might be something I'm missing, but I need to investigate further.

If anyone has any suggestions for neato things they would like to see here, please post at the Damn Dirty Apes (aka Silly Monkeys). I will be sure to promptly ridicule your suggestion and make you feel dumb. :-D

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