Sunday, February 24, 2002

Well, not a lot has been going on with the site. I'll need to investigate the issue with the counter. Not sure what caused it to reset, but I am guessing it had something to do with multiple users accessing the page at the same time. A good site for information about PHP is PHP The forums are constantly monitored and the advice is elaborate.

What a pain in the ass it was this weekend trying to get the laptop to be able to access the internet via the desktop. What I decided to do instead of simply buying a cablemodem/dsl router-hub was to install a second NIC into my desktop and buy a back-to-back (or crossover) cable to connect the laptop to the second card. Well, I couldn't get it to work. I know a couple of people who might have some suggestions regarding this, so I still might be able to get it to work. Although, it might be more convenient to have the ability to add addtional computers to the network with little difficulty. I wonder if I am missing a step, or if Win98 (desktop) and Win XP (laptop) have problems communicating?

I was surprised that a couple of people signed the guestbook this weekend. One of them I knew, the other I didn't recognize. I'll have to investigate where she found my site listed. I suspect somewhere at

How sad. The US lost the Gold. But, if I had to pick a country other than the US to win, it would have been Canada; they are a neat bunch of folks. :)

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