Friday, September 13, 2002

Laid Off: Day Four

This morning was a slight improvement over the past couple of days; I was able to get up around 10. Granted, I did stay in bed until 10:45 looking for Jerry Springer (I wonder if he is off the air in our area?) but at least I was conscious.

It is funny; I still feel that I will be going back to work at Nexiq any day, as if the lay off was only temporary. I suspect that it might be because I had just come back from vacation when I was laid off. It feels as if the vacation was just extended.

I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked applying for jobs today. It is hard to constantly focus on the same task all day, every day, especially when it is as mundane as searching for a job and sending out resumes. Although, it was nice to relax a little bit. I was able to watch some TV (G4, the video game network, is the coolest channel I have ever seen), fool around on the computer (Diablo 2 has been around for several years now, but is still a bunch of fun), and work on the blanket I am making for a friend. I also was able to feel useful by setting up a couple of appointments and calling people and such. Tomorrow, I should be refreshed and ready to devote myself to the job hunt again.

Tomorrow, I am thinking about running off to karate for either the noon or 3:30 class, just to see what the classes are like during the middle of the day. Actually, I could do all kinds of good stuff tomorrow if I time things right. If I get a decent start (around 8am,) I should be able to do job stuff until 11:25 am. Then, karate from 12:00 to 12:45. I could then stop by Lowe's to get the shades re-cut for the windows and also stop by Meijer to drop off cans/bottles and pick up milk and whatever else we need. There should still be time left to get another couple of hours in searching for a new job. That might be the best strategy, since it will get me out of the house and also break up the monotony of the job hunt.

I think I will check in with my recruiter again tomorrow to see if he is any closer to finding me a position.

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