Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Laid Off: Days Eleven & Twelve

Writing the same stuff every day becomes a bit tiresome, as I am sure it is tiresome to read as well. Thus, I am saving us all a bit of tiresomeness by compacting days eleven and twelve (with a little of the weekend) into one entry.

The weekend was uneventful, just football and fun, the way it is supposed to be.

Last night, I went to a support group at Church for the unemployed. It was actually very useful and could be a very good resource for finding a new job.

When I came home after the meeting, Kendra told me that the police had stopped by. Apparently, a couple of little neighborhood snots have been stealing the mail of several homes. So, they were marched to the door and had to apologize, but we will see if there is any additional steps that could be taken. We were thinking it would be nice to have them weed and maintain the common areas of the subdivision as punishment. At any rate, the parents have offered to pay for any fees or problems caused by this. I suspect we will not be seeing those kids outside for a very, very long time. :-D

Today, I was a whirlwind of productivity. I mowed the lawn, scooped the kitty litter, took out the trash and sanded the walls in the "nursery" to prepare them to be primed and painted. Yup, I am good. :)

And, that is about it.

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