Monday, September 16, 2002

Laid Off: The Weekend

The good part about weekends, aside from the nice break they lend from the work week, is that they tend to be the same regardless of what is going on at work. In my case, there is no work, but the weekend remains the same. It was nice relaxing this weekend as I would any other, with my only concern being the poor play of the football teams around here.

Now that I am relaxed, I am looking forward to the coming week. There are a lot of potential opportunities to find a job and I am going to pursue them all with enthusiasm.

Monday, a local job fair is being run from 3-8pm. I just finished printing off a bunch of resumes and am excited about handing them out. Several of the places listed in the advertisement for the fair looked likely to be good matches for me. I suspect that additional places not mentioned will also be included.

I will also be giving a call to my recruiter to see what the status of his job hunt for me is. Hopefully he will have at least a couple of prospective places to discuss.

There are a lot of things I want to get done tomorrow. If I can finish them all, it will have been a very productive day.

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