Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Laid Off: Day Seven

At 9:30am, I was already busy on the phone. I called Best Buy to see if the repair guy was coming, but apparently the service for the TV is scheduled for tomorrow. Nothing too serious, just a little screen burn in the lower right corner. Since we have a warranty, it is no problem at all.

After the Best Buy call, while still in bed, I received a call from my recruiter. He apologized for not returning my call yesterday; apparently, he has a bit of a head cold and was distracted. His plans for tomorrow include contacting his Ann Arbor recruiter and having him try to peddle me to the local companies. I would love it if I can get a local job. Driving two hours a day just for work gets old really quick.

I moved some stuff around the house. We are planning on painting the "nursery" (called that only because of its function to the previous owners) and I needed to get some of my junk out of that room. My old computer, which might be fun to have added to our little home network, needed to be moved. So, first I needed to clear space in our current study for the table to hold it, then I needed to move the table and remove the legs to fit it into the spot in the study. Then I needed to squeeze under the table to reassemble it. Finally, I got to move the computer onto it. So, the computer is moved, but the task took a lot longer and a lot more effort than expected. I still was able to clear most of the other junk out of the room, but I will need to finish that up tomorrow.

Kendra came home for lunch today. It was nice to have her company during lunchy. We even ate out on the deck; it was a beautiful day.

Later in the day, I got an email from good ol' Chuck. He passed my resume on to a coworker who works at another contracting company and told me I should expect to hear from them. That Chuck is a good guy.

Later on, after taking out the trash and recycling, Ryan and I had an opportunity to play a little D2. Not a ton, but enough to socialize with a pal. Killing stuff is always more fun with a friend. :-D

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