Saturday, September 21, 2002

Laid Off: Day Ten

Karate again today at noon. The instructor is one that only teaches the noon classes, so these past two times were the first times I was in his classes. Nice guy with tough workouts. After class, I had a private lesson (which are included in the price of memebership, so I might as well.) I am pleased to report that not only was my form spectacular, but I impressed the instructor with my advanced techniques on the nunchukus. :-D

I called my recruiter and left a message. He'll probably return the call on Monday. These recuiters do a lot of driving around, so I am not shocked that he wouldn't be in the office.

Also on the job front, I received an email from the gentleman that I met in Karate yesterday; he let me know that he forwarded my resume to the managers and the HR department at his company. So, I have a couple of things going on in the job front.

Later in the evening, after Kendra and I took a nice little nappy, we watched some TV while I worked on one of the new blankets I am making ("John Doe" is as good as I expected; I would highly recommend it to everyone.) The problem with the way yarn is sold is that it comes in a standard sized skein. If the afghan I am making calls for 6 ounces of a certain color, but the yarn I am using comes in 5 ounce skeins, I will need to buy two and will end up with an extra 4 ounces when I am done. As I have made a bunch of blankets, all with different colors, I have quite a few different colors sitting around taking up space. With some of the excess Baby Sport I had left over from Elizabeth's (my Godchild's) blanket, I started a baby blanket for another friend, but ran out of the color I was using. So, until I can go get more of the needed yarn, I began another afghan with the leftover colors from the last blanket I mage; it will go in the "nursery" after we paint it (the nursery will be painted, not the blanket.)

I was up late again playing D2. I love that game. I wonder what D3 will be like. :)

I realized that I have a very diverse bunch of hobbies: crochet, Karate and video games/computers. I suppose that no one will be able to typecast me, huh? :-D

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